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Within promotional period, get additional 30% recharge bonus

優惠期 Promotional period: 11 Jun 2012 – 6 Jul 2012


- 必須在優惠期內增值及遞交網上表格.

- 在優惠期內,只限其中一次增值享有優惠.

- 每個獨立戶口只可享有一次優惠.

- 戶口必須在2011年12月31日前登記.

- 每項服務只可享有一次優惠.

- 增值上限為HK$5000. 增值下限為HK$300 (即最多加送$1500.00).

- 逾期不會加送額外金額.

- 此額外金額不可兌現為現金或轉讓至其他服務.

- 額外金額會在幾個工作天後生效.

- 只限指定的預繳服務繳費方法. 詳情請閱讀網上表格.

- 本公司保留最終決定權

Terms and Conditions:

- The recharge AND submission of the below online form must be made within promotional period to enjoy this bonus.

-  Within promotional period, only one of your recharges will enjoy this bonus.

- Every independent account will enjoy this bonus one times.

- Every service will enjoy this bonus one times.

- Your account must be created on or before 31 Dec 2011

- The maximum amount of recharge to enjoy this bonus is $5000 and Minimum amount of recharge is $300 (that is the maximum amount of additional bonus is $1,500.00).

-  After the promotional period, no bonus will be provided for whatever reasons.

- The bonus could not be converted to cash or transferred to another account.

- Bonus will be added to your account after a few working days.

- Valid for specific prepaid services and payment methods. For detail, please read our below online form.

- Our company reserve the final decision.



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