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SMS/Telephone Alert

Advantages of SMS Alert

  1. No loss of alert if you have switched off your mobile phone
  2. Receive alert while in overseas
  3. No need to pick up call

Disadvantages of Telephone Alert

  1. Need to pick up call to confirm your receipt of alert. Otherwise, we will alert max 5 times per day
  2. Receive alert in HK only
  3. 24 hours
Telephone SMS
Price Free of charge Free of charge
Detail max 5 times per day (24hrs)
If successful, we will alert at these intervals
for each fax received
1 time per day (24hrs)
for each fax received
Receive in Overseas For fixed line: You must have China/Global Call Forward
For mobile: you must have either China/Global CAll Forward or Mobile roaming
You must have Mobile Roaming
Signup No need to signup. Pls login to enable tel alert

Pls login to enable SMS alert


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